Vape Gear Twist Battery Pro

$ 16.99

Introducing the New Vape Gear Twist Battery, a versatile solution tailored for virtually any 510 thread cartridge. This high-quality vape pen is perfect for enthusiasts who demand the best in vaping technology. It?s particularly effective for preheating potent oils, from thin terpenes to thick concentrates, thanks to its robust preheating feature.

The Vape Gear Twist Battery allows for precise temperature control with an adjustable voltage setting ranging from 3.3v to 4.8v, catering to all preferences. Adjusting the voltage is straightforward?simply twist the base dial. Activation is just as easy: press and hold the button to inhale. For safety, the device features a quick 5-click on/off mechanism.

To maintain optimum performance and safety, avoid exposing the battery to direct sunlight and liquids, and ensure it is stored out of reach of children. The package includes a wireless USB charger; the battery displays a red light when charging and turns green when fully charged, indicating readiness for use.

The battery is available in five stunning colors, each with a sleek metallic finish, making it not only functional but also stylish.

Vape Gear Twist Battery Features:

  • Easy use with a press-and-hold inhalation button
  • Adjustable voltage from 3.3V to 4.8V
  • Simple on/off with a 5-click button system
  • Twist base dial for precise voltage adjustments
  • Ideal for both thin and thick oil concentrates
  • Includes a wireless USB charger
  • Compatible with all 510 threaded cartridges

Charging Instructions:

  1. Connect the battery to the USB adapter.
    • Red light indicates charging.
    • Green light indicates fully charged.

Embrace the ultimate control with the Vape Gear Twist Battery, designed for a seamless and customizable vaping experience.

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