Vapmod V-Mod 900mAh VV Preheat Cartridge Battery

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The VAPMOD V-Mod is a super compact thick oil vaporizer kit with a sleek design reminiscent of the iPod.  It has a sleek, minimalist design featuring a single button for intuitive operation.  The kit comes with a 1.2 ml thick oil cartridge and a 510 thread screw on magnetic connector ring.  The cartridge is a top fill design that has a unique feature to tighten it down.  You have to actually push the spring loaded drip tip in while tightening it to get a solid seal.  The cartridge is nicely constructed with a Pyrex glass tank and a ceramic coil.  There is also a 2 in 1 version available that gives you the thick oil cartridge as well as a wax cartridge.  The wax cartridge has a dual quartz rod design. 

You can adjust the voltage between 2.6V (Green), 3.2V (Yellow), and 4.0V (Red) by clicking the button 3 times.  The unit also uses the colors to indicate its battery life.  Green means 70% or more, Yellow is between 30% and 70%, and red means less than 30% battery life left.  You can also preheat a cartridge by pressing the button twice.  At just less than 2 inches by 2 inches and slightly more than 1/2 inch thick, this is a very compact well designed unit with ample battery life to keep you going!

Vapmod Vmod has a 900mAh battery, 510 thread, and an easy-to-check oil window. It also has 3 voltages, preheat, variable voltage.

900mAh Battery
Preheat Function
Single Button Operation

Battery Capacity:  900mAh
Charge Type:  Micro USB
Resistance Range:  0.5Ω - 3.0Ω
Voltage:  2.6V Green, 3.2V Yellow, 4.0V Red
Thread:  510 Thread
Built In Protections:  Short Circuit - Red Light Flashes 10 Times
                                 Overheat - Yellow Light Flashes 10 Times
                                 Over-Charge - Unit Will Stop Charging

In The Box:
1 V-Mod 900mAh Battery
1 1.2 ml Refillable Cartridge
1 Dual Quartz Rod Cartridge (with 2-in-1 only)
1 USB Charging Cable
1 510 Thread Magnetic Connector Ring
1 User Manual

Replacement Cartridges and Magnetic Connector Rings are available here.

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John Henry Yingling
Works effin great!!!

This vape is marvelous!!! I use to sub ohm but went back to cigarettes, I carried around a nectar collector for the dabbing convenience and being that I spend most of my time working it wasn't very convenient. Well not as convenient as I was imagining. So i needed a vape that wouldn't waste my clear distillate and was told to try the vmod. Being able to adjust the voltage is awesome!!! Some distillate tastes better at a different temp and if it's too hot for a certain flavor, no worries. Just try again at a lower voltage. No worries of burning your coil too hot and possibly ruining your cartridge. The preheat thing is pretty cool too! And when it's warming up after the third red blink(it blinks ten times) you can get a huge drag😎 and to cancel the pre heat all you do is press the button once and it stops. Kind of like the cancel button on a toaster and it will still be on and ready to use. I highly recommend this product to everyone. The battery lasts me all day! It's easy to just keep in the palm of your hand if you need to be discreet about it and it punches out a fistful a vape down your throat!!! For the price and awesomeness of this product...let's say if it were to break one day I would go the store and buy another one just like it. WORD,FOSho, symone

Do not waste your time on this mod

Terrible air flow even with the parts it comes with

Terible airflow even when using the carts that come with it

This mod would be perfect if it did not cut off all airflow even with the included carts. The manufacture is working on a fix for v2 so don't waste your time and money buying v1 like I did.


Theres a "link" to find replacement tanks but its not a like just a bold "here" and I cant find thr m anywhere!

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