Viparspectra P2000 4x2 Dimmable Grow Light

$ 299.99
The ViparSpectra P2000 dimmable grow light is suitable for 4'x2' tents and provides full spectrum light consisting of of 660nm of red light, IR, 3000K and 5000K to support your plants from veg to flower. Achieve greater yields while saving energy costs. 
  • Pro Series are Viparspectra good quality and most cost-effective Led grow lights.
  • Featuring in Samsung LM281B+ Diodes, Sosen driver, improves plants' yields.
  • It has high efficacy PPE, excellent heat dissipation system, Dimmer knob is really useful as well
  • It is scientifically engineered to keep the balance with excellent PAR output and suitable coverage
  • Unmatched high efficacy allows increase yield of crops and save operation cost.
  • This series lights are best budget and makes your planting easier.
  • Contains sixth types of models in wattage to meet various plants growth and flowering needs.
  • The Pro series led grow lights are widely appy to all kinds of indoor plants, such as lettuce,orchid, organic herbs, strawberry to medical plants from vegetative growth to flowering and fruit.

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