Vivant VLeaF GO Dry Herb Convection Vaporizer Kit

by Vivant
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$ 64.99

The Vivant VLeaF GO is a new convection style vaporizer that breaks some long standing traditions of dry herb vaporizers. The VLeaF GO is a convection style vaporizer meaning it heats the air before it hits the dry herb.  This has a number of benefits, but we like that it allows you to load anywhere from a few hits to a full bowl without needing to use a different oven lid.  You also don't need to grind the dry herb as finely as you do with a conduction vaporizer.  It also helps to conserve your material as heat is not applied to the oven until you draw through the device.  

The VLeaF GO also features a session mode that will fire the device for 30 seconds or until the button is pressed again.  Whether you want to use it with a water pipe, or maybe you just don't feel like pressing the button every time, you will appreciate this feature.  Where the VLeaF GO really differentiates itself is the ability to replace the ceramic heater.  This gives you the ability to return your vaporizer to its original condition at any time giving you that crisp new vape taste.  There are 3 heating levels to choose from and the button light will change its color accordingly.  

The VLeaF GO is a fantastic device offering convection heating at an affordable price. Taste the difference and you will see why the VLeaF GO is a steal at twice the price!

Convection Heating
Replaceable Ceramic Heater
Innovative Session Mode

Battery Capacity:  900mAh
Battery Charge Type:  Micro-USB

In The Box
1 VLeaf GO
1 Air Cooler
1 Silicone Mouthpiece Cover
1 Mesh
1 Mesh Ring
2 O Rings for Scoop
1 O Ring for Chamber
1 Chamber
1 Scoop Seal
1 USB Cable
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Packing Tool

Replacement Zirconia Ceramic Heater, Silicone Mouthpiece Cover, Top Cap, Mesh, Chamber, and Accessories Pack are available.  

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