Wakit RollBotz KoneHolder with Poker Brush

by Wakit
$ 19.99

This Cone Holder is a perfect way to fill your cones while avoiding a mess.  Simply place a cone into the KoneHolder until it is snug at the bottom.  The cone tip should extend past the opening at the bottom of the KoneHolder.  The body of the cone must fit inside the funnel without any creases, ready to be filled.  Simply pour in your ground material and use the brush tool to gently fill the cone.  You can flip the brush tool over and use the poker side to gently tamp down the material in the cone.  Once the cone is filled to your desired level, you can get the cone out by using the poker side of the brush and pushing up on the tip at the bottom.  

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1 Wakit RollBotz KoneHolder with Poker Brush

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