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Prepare to create massive vapor clouds with the HoneyMod E-rig. Standing at a compact 5.35 inches in height, this device packs a substantial punch, thanks to its robust 1600mAh battery. You have the power to regulate the inhalation velocity by simply adjusting the steel deck, ensuring you find a comfortable pace for your vapor clouds.

About the Waxmaid HoneyMod E-rig:

  1. Adjustable Airflow: Tailor your vaping experience by rotating the steel deck to achieve the desired airflow velocity.

  2. Efficient Quartz Ball: The quartz ball rapidly spins within the coil during inhalation, ensuring thorough atomization and complete use of your wax.

  3. Convenient Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece features a handy belt for easy attachment and glass protection.

  4. Dual Heating Modes: Enjoy the flexibility of two heating options for your vaping preferences.

Kit Includes:

  1. 1? HoneyMod E-rig
  2. 1? Mouthpiece with Ring
  3. 1? Coil
  4. 1? Glass
  5. 1? Steel Deck with Airflow Control
  6. 1? USB-C Charger Cable
  7. Loading & Cleaning Tools
  8. Extra Seal Rings & Quartz Balls


Replacement Coil

Customer Reviews

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krystle hansen

Love it

Branden B
Packs a punch

This little thing is pretty basic build wise but it does offer a nice hit and a big chamber for loading wax. It’s pretty easy to burn your lip if you’re not careful though and the highest setting is almost to much and definitely gives you a burning taste or essence. All in all worth the money for something to have on the go.

A real and honest opinion

Long story short, this thing is awesome. I have tried so many different dab pens, I now have a shelf of shame and disappointment. I initially passed over this device but literally ran out of options that weren't Yocan garbage. And I wasn't about to pay $100 for a 650mah ego style charge Puffco. I settled with a Stone Smiths Crossover E-rig. And I don't like it. The only mode is session mode. The first two sessions are useless at any temp, and the preheat mode is useless. So I figured WTF. Try the Honey Mod from Waxmaid. I thought I would be disappointed. Figured it would end up on the shelf with the others. The only gripe I have is that the 3D printed body has space for a function screen, but instead it's just got a label on it and the only indicator you have is a light ring at the top. And there is no stealth mode to turn it off. This thing would be perfect if it just had a simple screen that showed what mode you were in and your temp. Other than that, it's amazing. I don't bother with the terp pearls, BTW. The air flow comes through the base, and up between the coil and the glass so your coil won't clog and become useless like so many other vape pens I've used. The wire in the pancake coil is nice and thick. It should hold up nicely. I'm on day 4 of use with no problem. It does have a type c charge port, but it's only capable of 1 amp charging. But still. It's nice to see type c on there. And at 1600mah the battery lasts me a full day and I'm a pretty regular user. Plus they give you 2 coils in the kit. At $12 a piece separately, you're really only spending $25 for the mod itself. Highly recommend this device to anyone. But just beware, in the booklet it tells you to take short puffs to get bigger clouds. Definitely do that. They aren't kidding. Also the mouth piece gets really hot since it's so close to the coil so taking short puffs prevents the mouthpiece from getting too hot. I usually don't recommend the session mode on most vapes but on this one it's awesome. And you'll get a nice flavor puff off the preheat. So definitely recommend this vape over any others I've found. And I've been through this whole site, as well as lighter USA and the discount vape pen website and others. If my opinion changes I'll do my best to come back and update this review. But as of day 4 of regular use, I'm digging it. Just be careful. It's not for lightweights.

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