Waxmaid Honey Pen

by Waxmaid
$ 39.99

The Waxmaid Honey Pen Kit combines a dab pen, dab tool, and wax jar into one convenient device, eliminating the need for multiple accessories when dabbing on the go. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this all-in-one solution is perfect for your needs.

  1. The improved atomizer in the Honey Pen now utilizes an ultra-thin quartz chip and three evenly spaced coils within the core. This design significantly enhances the atomizer's thermal conductivity, reducing preheating time to just 20 seconds. Say farewell to the wait for your device to heat up from cold.

  2. With three temperature settings ranging from 450?F to 750?F, the Waxmaid Honey Pen offers versatility. The green light indicates temperatures between 450?F and 550?F, blue for 550?F to 650?F, and yellow for 650?F to 750?F. Adjust your preferred temperature mode by quickly clicking the multi-function button three times.

  3. Featuring a flexible tip that doubles as a 2-in-1 dab tool, the Honey Pen offers convenience. When attached, it serves as a mouthpiece; when pulled out, it transforms into a stretchable dab tool. The atomizer's temperature efficiently melts and atomizes the wax, eliminating the need for an extra dab tool.

  4. Equipped with a 1000mAh battery, the Honey Pen ensures extended usage with up to 16 sessions per full charge. Its USB Type-C charging technology enables faster and more efficient charging, typically taking only 2-3 hours to reach full capacity.

  5. The atomizer core and battery are seamlessly connected using 510 threads, compatible with any battery operating with the same mechanism.

  6. The bottom of the pen features a wax jar capable of storing 1g of wax, eliminating the need to carry an additional wax jar when dabbing on the go. Its compact size of 6*0.87" makes it travel-friendly and convenient for outdoor use.

Included in the package:

  • 1 x Honey Pen Kit
  • 1 x USB C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 4 x Quartz Balls
  • 4 x Cotton Swab
  • 1 x Heat Resistant Ring

How to use the Waxmaid Honey Pen:

  1. To power on or off, quickly click the button five times.

  2. Allow the device to pre-heat for 20 seconds before adding your wax. During inhalation, the quartz balls within the coil rapidly spin, ensuring thorough atomization and efficient use of wax.

  3. Quickly click the button three times to switch between temperature settings: Green [450-550?F], Blue [550-650?F], and Yellow [650-750?F].

  4. The device offers two heating modes: manual (press and hold) and automatic (double-click for hands-free heating), recommended especially for creating milky clouds.

  5. A red light indicates the battery level is below 30%. When the battery drops below 15%, it flashes the red light 15 times before shutting off.

  6. The red light also flashes to indicate overheat protection.

  7. If the red light flashes four times rapidly, it indicates a short circuit. Reassemble the atomizer to ensure it is fully connected, or replace it if necessary.

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