Xvape V-One 1.0 Ceramic Disk Wax Pen Kit

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The XVAPE V-ONE (x vape v one) may be THE one wax pen when it comes to ceramic disk/donut wax vaporizers. Features long life, cheap to replace, ceramic disc coils with a unique and near perfect design for wax vaping. To keep your vapor pure the use a replaceable glass atomizer. A powerful, perfectly tuned battery with micro USB charging complete the unit providing strong, consistent vaping that makes it a top pick for any wax enthusiast looking for super portable mega vaping.

Atomizer Material: Glass
Unit Construction: Metal/Glass
Protection: 20s auto shut off
Heating Method: Baking
Battery Capacity: 1500mah
Battery Output: 20W
Chamber: Ceramic Disk
Coil Resistance: 0.8ohms
Thread: 510
Atomizer Resistance: 0.8ohms
Size: Approx 4.7"x0.7"

1 Wax Atomizer
1 Battery
1 Packing Tool
1 USB Cable
1 Manual

NOTE: The red V-One atomizer now has a stainless (not red) coil. This change was made by Xvape because the red paint tended to flake off badly when heated. 

Replacement Coils, Glass Mouthpiece, Stainless Mouthpiece, and compatible 2.0 Glass Bubbler, and V-One Batteries Available.

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Mean Mmustard
Awesome Product

Easy draw, great taste and large volume vapor cloud make for an excellent vaporizer. And the 20-second timer on the heater (typically 7 - 10 seconds most vaporizers) means HUGE clouds should you wish. I now own several thanks to the great deals here!!! Easily my favorite vaporizer and from my new favorite supplier - VapePenSales!

Mean Mmustard
Raises The Bar - Quality for Le$$

Easy draw and superior hits make for an excellent wax vaporizer. Love it already and I just received it today. My new buddy. And I love the way it contains the splattering/splash in the coil. Great design and quality built throughout.


This thing is a beast


This thing is a beast i

Love this Pen!

This was my first order with VapePenSales and I could not have been happier. Put the order in at night the next day it shipped. As for the V-one I love this thing!!! Battery life is great, it hits so well I was amazed. Could not be happier with my decision to grab this the other day. I might even order one or two more for gifts.


My ceramic disk that came with it has a burnt smell to it, never been used either. I should of just bought the Migvapor keymaker for an extra 10 bucks.


Thank You!!!

Best tool on the market

I believe I paid somewhere close to $75 for mine at a head shop here in Denver, and have been really happy with it and have always thought it was well worth the money! But The price your selling these for is awesome! I'm actually going to buy another one from you guys since the price is so great, and keep it as a backup!

This tool is so perfect and works amazingly I love it so much. The battery lasts for ever and I very rarely even have to charge it. But I don't use it for dab sessions that involve repetitive use, but instead for one or two hits to blast off. It works great for smoking dmt (dimethyltryptamine) and is probably the best model of pen I've tried for the best method. It's also very compact and discreet, allowing me to take it with me anywhere I go, to smoke on the go wherever I go. I love this thing.

Broken Glass tip

Was wondering if I could grab a couple glass tips!

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