Xvape Vital Ceramic Baking Temperature Control Dry Herb Vaporizer

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The Xvape Vital gives you everything you need to get into the world of conduction vaping. The Vital has a ceramic oven chamber to produce pure and flavorful vapor.  The Vital is as easy and intuitive to use as they get.  There is a power button and two buttons to control the temperature.  The Vital gives you full temperature control allowing you to adjust the temp between 212°F and 464°F.  As usual Xvape provides incredible performance and superior airflow in this unit with quick, even heating.  You can choose just the Vital, or you can get the optional Mouthpiece set which gives you 3 additional mouthpieces including a bubbler to choose from.

OLED Screen
Compatible with Water Pipes (with Water Pipe Adapter)
Ceramic Baking Chamber
Pass Through - Use While Plugged In
Temperature Control from 212°F to 464°F 
15s Heating
Micro USB Charging
Adjustable Safety Shut OFF after 5 or 10 minutes

Battery Capacity: 2200mah
Capacity: 0.5g Dry Herb

Box Contains:
1 Xvape Vital
1 2200mah Battery Insert
1 USB Cable
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Spoon
1 Tweezers
1 Manual

The Vital Mouthpiece Value Bundle Includes:
NOTE: only come with versions showing 'with Mouthpiece Bundle'
1 Glass Mouthpiece 
1 Glass Bubbler Mouthpiece
1 Water Pipe Adapter (fits 14mm diameter)

Replacement Screens, Mouhtpieces, and the Xvape Vital Mouthpiece Bundle are available separately.  

Customer Reviews

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Great Product, Poor Service

Ordered 2 great vape pens (Vital X Max), also a mouthpiece bundle. Never received the mouthpiece bundle. I ordered these as gifts and gave them to my friends, while keeping mouthpieces, so I thought, for myself to try with the unit I already had. They wanted a picture of what I got. WTF. I already gave the pens away. I'll buy elsewhere next time.


It works fine. Second one of these ordered.


1st time vaping--out of necessity and wow, now I love it. Its really easy, just find the right temp for it, which is individual choice.


I'm quite disappointed in this vaporizer. No clouds of vapor. I had to crank the temp to the hottest setting, but my vape session was not effective. After five minutes drawing on this thing, I felt dizzy from hyperventilating, not medicated from my cannabis. My advice is to save your money for something like the Pinnacle Pro.

great vape!

Great vape. Really pretty, gets super for really fast, fast clean up. Only thing I don't like is the battery life. The vape needs to get charged after only about 4-5 sessions. I wish it lasted longer. I have a wax vape pen from another company that I got the same day and I haven't charged it again yet since. Just saying...

XVape Vital

I purchased the XVape because I wanted something small and compact. The XVape heats up quickly and produces tons of vaper it has 2 timers a 5 minute and a 10 minute the thing with the 10 minute timer is that after 5 minutes your herbs will begin to burn and then it tasty nasty. It also came with some bonus mouth pieces. So far I've only tried the regular and the glass mouth piece and I really like the glass piece. Yes I would recommend this product...

Xvape Vital

I first purchased the Seego SG-001 and I loved it but it is to bulky to take with you on the go so I decided to try the XVape vital it's a smaller device and it had all the bonus mouthpieces. The XVape Vital is small and compact it heats up fast and produces lots of vapor, it also has a 5 minute and a 10 minute timer on it but if you use the 10 minute timer your herbs will burn and it will taste nasty.. All in all its a great little piece and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a small compact vaporizer. Plus getting the bonus mouthpieces is great,I really like the glass mouthpiece looking forward to try out the others mouthpieces..

Customer Reviews

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