Yocan Armor Variable Voltage Wax Pen Kit

by Yocan
$ 24.99

The Armor is a sleek new compact concentrate vaporizer from Yocan.  The styling brings to mind the iconic Evolve Wax Pen that revolutionized the concentrate world with its easy to use design and wickless coils.  Don't let the similarities fool you though.  This is a whole new device that packs incredible new features that is sure to upend the vape market once again. 

The Armor is powered by a built in 380mAh battery that incorporates variable voltage and a convenient preheat function.  All this power is routed through Yocan's famous Dual Quartz Rod coil to give you a perfect combination of flavor and vapor density.  

The new Variable Voltage settings are perfectly spaced to let you dial in the perfect amount of heat for your sessions.  The LED indicator lights above the button will display 1 light for 3.0V, 2 lights for 3.5V, and all 3 lights for 4.0V when you're ready for some serious cloud action. 

Not only can you set your voltage for the perfect hit, but the Armor also has a built in 10 second preheat function to melt your materials and get them ready, just 2 clicks to start the preheat mode, and 2 clicks to end it early.   The built in Micro USB charging will fully charge the Armor's battery in just 30 minutes!

Variable Voltage
10 Second Preheat
QDC Coils
30 Minute Charge Time

In The Box
1 Armor Pen with pre-installed QDC Coil
1 Extra QDC coil
1 Pick Tool
1 Micro USB Cable
1 Instructions Manual

Replacement Coils Available Here 

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YoCan Armor

This thing is little and compact but don't let it full you it hits like a beast!

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