Yocan Ari (Plus) 510 Thread Twist Wax Cartridge Battery

$ 15.99

Yocan presents: The Sol Series, the latest lineup of wax cartridge batteries. Four variants were released, granting the user the choice between smaller/slimmer or having a larger battery. All Sol's in the lineup use a standard twist dial for changing voltage, and press-to-activate button. The housing is made of stainless steel for a long lasting, durable device. Yocan also continues to update charging for all new devices, using USB-C for fast low hassle use. This is the Sol Plus, with a 900mAh battery and with the thinnest profile. The Yocan Ari Plus has a 10-second pre-heat feature that allows vape users to prepare wax concentrates.

510 Thread
Twist Voltage Control
Preheat Setting
Type-C Charging

900mAh Battery
Voltage: 1.8-4.2V

In The Box:
1 Yocan Sol Plus Vaporizer

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Frank Sockbeson
100% GREAT

Love the variable voltage control

Orlando Morales
Ari Plus

The Ari Plus is the best vape pen I have used to date. Very fast and robust. Great price!

Charles Lambert

I love this battery it's got a great feel and it shuts off automatically when left alone. The adjustment works really easy. This battery is a keeper.

Good, Quality Product!

Love this product it is a good quality, reliable, long lasting & a great value…I have 3!

Buy this one, y'all. You won't be disappointed.

I didn't expect to be impressed by this battery, but I definitely am. It's a great value for the price, with all of the features I want in a battery - preheat cycle, variable voltage, and automatic shut-off when the battery sits idle for >10 minutes. With 900 mAh, I can go a couple of days without needing a charge, unlike the smaller 300-500mAh batteries I've been using. Setting the voltage is a breeze with a bottom dial that's easy to use (and read, even without my glasses). The pen's stainless steel body gives it a satisfying weight in the hand, and the surface has a pleasing satiny finish. It's an uncomplicated, hardworking battery with just enough bells and whistles.

I wish it was available in a wider range of colors/finishes, though - maybe some patterns too (like the Ooze brand Tist series vape pens).


I am very pleased with this item. I will purchase another in the future.


I am ordering this because a malfunctioning pen was replaced, by you with this model. I am grateful to you & believe you are WISE to offer olive branch to me. Thank you.l.l

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