Tips for Dry Herb Vaporizers

Sometimes dry herb vaporizers can be difficult for some to master.  Some tips that will help you optimize the performance of your vape:

*Do not over-fill the chamber (This will decrease the airflow and reduce performance).
*Grind the dry herb finely.
*Clean the chamber on regular basis.
*Be careful not to damage the heating coil while cleaning.
*Continue to inhale after releasing battery activate button (the best vapor is usually shortly AFTER you release the button).

Protip: I you use Pyrex/metal vapes and are vaping resinous material:

1. soak the parts (except coil and battery) in red label (99%) rubbing alcohol for a couple hours.  This will dissolve most of the gunk.  

2. Don't just pour the rubbing alcohol out. When you empty it run water in to dilute the brackish water full of dissolved resin.  This will keep the brackish rubbing alcohol from leaving a sticky film on you stuff when you pour it out.

3) Make sure to clean out the holes and crevices good to keep and dissolved gunk from drying.

4) Good as new.  
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