One question I get asked fairly often by people who are looking to get a new vapor pen is, should they get the ones that use dry herbs or the ones that use waxes and oils? There is no one answer  however, it all depends on a few factors. For me for example, here in Jamaica dry herbs are much more available and more affordable so I prefer to have a dry herb vaporizer.  In my situation price and availability are the two major factors at play but in a situation where, for example, someone who prefers to use oils for their typically higher concentration of THC would then it would be this personal preference that will act as the determining factor. The good news is that there are a few vapor pens on the market that can actually do it all - dry herbs, waxes and oils. If you are having trouble deciding what type to get and you have equal access to all oils, waxes and dry herbs then you will do well with one of these very versatile models.