The summer is upon us and here in Jamaica we are feeling the heat like never before. The temperature in Kingston today is a sizzling 92 °F but I am not complaining because I will choose warm weather over freezing cold climates anyday. On a day like today when I have no work and nothing much else to do my favorite past time is - you guessed it, vaping!

To be honest on any day vaping is my favorite thing to do :) Today I want to share with you a little tip on how to clean your vapor pen if you have one. Keeping it clean is essential if you are to get the most value out of it and also keep it around for a long time. You should ideally do at least some light cleaning on your vapor pen after every use. This will prevent any of the herbs, oils or waxes that you use with it from building up.

A clogged atomizer can really reduce the quality of the hits that you get so pay special attention to this piece when you are cleaning. It is very small so you may find it handy to use a dab tool or Q-tip to get out all the build up. Be gentle when you are cleaning it. This type of regular cleaning will keep your vapor pen working like new every time!

Stay tuned for more helpful vaping tips, tricks and stories.