I love Vaping!

I love Vaping!

It’s been just over two year since I was first introduced to vaping and in this relatively short time, my life has truly changed. Yes it is a healthier way to enjoy marijuana, but vaping is also a lifestyle. And it is a better lifestyle. Before I used to smoke marijuana cigarettes or blunts and I was in no hurry to change and adopt any of the trending vaping devices that everyone seems to be talking about these days. I resisted the temptation to vapor for quite sometime as it just didn't seem like my ‘thing.’ Fortunately I gave into a friend one day, gave vaping a try and it is now my favorite way to get my daily THC buzz.


My body just feels cleaner now that I am vaping and have given up consuming ½ burnt marijuana. The vapors smell different too, to me they smell much better and more fragrant … or perhaps just not burnt. Either way, the fact that i can still get a buzz without putting my throat and lungs under any unnecessary risk is just awesome. Vaping is just a better way to savour the benefits of THC. If you aren't already vaping, maybe it’s time you seriously considered dropping your potentially harmful smoking marijuana habit and start shopping for a nice vaporizer.

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