Airistech Headbanger Wax Pen and Nectar Collector

Airistech Headbanger Wax Pen and Nectar Collector

Airistech is throwing their hat into the Touch Coil game with the Quartz Authority Headbanger, and I think they’ve got a winner. Touch Coils have been gaining popularity as concentrates become more readily available. A Touch Coil is an electronic wax device that mimics a standard Nectar Collector. A standard Nectar Collector is generally a titanium or quartz nail attached to a bubbler. The nail is heated with a torch, and then “dipped” directly into your concentrates while inhaling. It allows you to control exactly how much product you’re consuming and saves you the sticky mess that can accompany the use of some concentrates. Ask any concentrate vet, you can go from stable and easy to handle to unstable and the stickiest substance on earth in a heartbeat. Some concentrates are unstable by nature, so they can be messy no matter how careful you are. This can also result in lost product. I don’t care how expensive the wax is, after trying unsuccessfully for 10 minutes to get it off your fingers and salvage it, you’re going to just end up using dish soap or ISO to get it off. The Headbanger aims to accomplish this in a portable, electronic setting. Rather than a torch to heat the nail, the Headbanger uses electrical current to heat the coil in the new Q-Cell Dip Coil. While holding down the button to heat the tip, you simply touch the tip to your dabs while inhaling. No messy loading. No Sticky Fingers! I can confidently say that the Headbanger accomplishes just that, while also hiding a few tricks up its sleeve.

In the box, you’ve got your usual vaping accessory suspects, and a few odds and ends. A dab tool, micro USB charger, manual, and a cloth carrying bag all make appearances. You also get an extra coil, although the extra coil is not a Dip or Touch Coil. The extra coil allows you to use the Headbanger like a standard wax pen. In the standard wax pen configuration, you can still use the bubbler to cool down those hits! The Kit also comes with two quartz jars. When using the Headbanger in the Nectar Collector configuration, one of the quartz jars can be stored in the magnetic cap that protects the Dip Coil. This makes transporting your concentrates and consuming them very easy. Simply pull off the magnetic cover, open the quartz jar, and dip directly into those tasty concentrates! No loading, no separate containers to carry.

The Headbanger is a variable voltage device, allowing you to pick between 3.4, 3.7, and 4.0 volts. The LED light under the power button with change from green to blue to red, depending on the chosen temperature. 3 quick clicks of the button with cycle between temps, and as always, 5 quick clicks to turn the device on and off. If you’ve been wanting to try out a Touch or Dip coil device, give the Headbanger a look. The new Quartz Authority line by Airistech is blowing up, and in my opinion the Headbanger is leading the charge!

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