Yocan Delux 2-In-1 Concentrate Vaporizer Box Mod Kit

Yocan Delux 2-In-1 Concentrate Vaporizer Box Mod Kit

Yocan has been a leading name in the vaping industry for a few years now. If you’re reading this, chances are good that you’ve used and/or owned at least one Yocan product. Whether you’re a new vapor or a seasoned vet, Yocan has a product for every vaping arsenal. The Yocan Delux aims to combine two of the most popular Yocan lines, the Evolve Plus and the Hive. Considering one device was made for concentrates and the other is for thick oil cartridges, this was no easy task. When I had first heard about the device, I wasn’t sure it was possible. Seeing pictures helped clarify the setup, but holding the device in hand makes me think Yocan knocked this one out of the park! The Delux is a multi-function powerhouse that can handle any thick oil or hard concentrate you throw at it.

Right off the bat, the Delux resembles a standard e-cigarette box mod. The 510 connection even means that you could technically use an e-cig atomizer if you’d like. The 510 threaded atomizer that comes with the Delux, however, is meant for concentrates. The atomizer itself is a cross between the Evolve Plus and Magneto atomizers. All of the coils that fit the Evolve Plus will fit the Delux, so even for a brand-new device you’ve already got a lot of trusted options. Whether you’re using a wax or crumble or shatter, the included Dual Quartz Coil will vape them all. The Delux also has a compartment on the front of the mod that initially houses an excellent concentrate container. With 3 separated compartments, and a built-in concentrate loading tool, you’ll have everything you need in the concealed compartment.

Now, this is where things get really interesting. The removable storage container on the box mod is great, but you’ve got another option with the Delux. The included Mini Mod, similar to the Hive series cartridge vaporizers, fits into the box mod as well. The Mini Mod includes a thick oil cartridge in the box, for filling with your own thick oils and juices. The included magnetic adapter can thread onto most 510 pre-filled carts, so even if you don’t fill your own carts, you can still use the Mini Mod! The Mini Mod has 3 temp setting, easily changed with 3 clicks of the button. The Mini Mod has a standard Micro USB charging port, but the box mod also acts as a power bank, charging the Mini Mod while it’s stored. When they call the Delux an all-in-one device, they mean it!

As I said, Yocan has a device for every vapor. The Delux checks a bunch of boxes, whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned pro who is looking to cut back on the number of devices you need with you when you’re out and about. Concentrates and cartridges are dominating the market, and as more states change their laws regarding consumption and possession, their dominance will only grow. Prepare yourself for the best of both worlds with only one device, The Yocan Delux!


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