The Yocan Dive Portable Nectar Collector

The Yocan Dive Portable Nectar Collector

Nectar Collectors have been gaining a lot of popularity as concentrates and waxes have become more readily available. A standard nectar collector generally has a bubbler attachment with a quartz or titanium “nail” on one end, and a mouthpiece on the other. A torch is used to heat the nail, and then you would literally touch the nail to your concentrates right in their container while inhaling through the mouthpiece. They are very handy, especially considering there is no loading, and therefore, no sticky fingers or unnecessary dab tools. The torch and manual heating required for a standard nectar collector basically eliminates any portability, however. Yocan saw this issue and did what they do best; they created a portable electronic nectar collector that allows you to recreate the nectar collector experience anywhere with no torch needed!

Looking at the device, it appears to be a standard Evolve Plus or Evolve Plus XL style Yocan Device. Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that, outside of the basic form factor, the Dive is nothing like your standard dab pen! The kit comes with a pre-installed Dive Touch Coil and comes with an extra Touch coil. In addition to the unit itself and the extra coil, you’ll find a brief manual and a micro USB charging cable in the box!

Using the Dive is very easy. As I said above, once the nail (or in this case, the touch coil) is at the desired temp, you simply touch the nail to the wax and inhale. With the Dive, the concept is the same. Instead of a torch, you simply press and hold the button on the Dive to heat the Touch Coil. So, press the button, and immediately “touch” the wax with the touch coil while inhaling through the other end. It’s that easy. You can “dab” directly out of silicone or glass dab containers, or even off a silicone mat. The Dive also lets you adjust the temperature of the Touch Coil. 3 rapid clicks of the button will let you cycle through low, medium, and high power. The LED behind the button will change according to the setting you select, so you always know exactly what temp your touch coil is running at! The cover that protects the Touch Coil when not in use is magnetic, which makes the whole process even easier and cleaner.

As more and more states relax or eliminate their laws regarding the medicine we love, concentrates and waxes will become even more common. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to find concentrates now, you should try out a touch coil! It will change the way you consume your medicine, minimizing cleanup and ensuring that you’re always getting a consistent dose. Combine those benefits with Yocan’s famous quality and their 90-day warranty and you’ve got a sure winner with the Dive!


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