The Yocan Evolve Plus Lime Pastel Limited Edition

The Yocan Evolve Plus Lime Pastel Limited Edition

The Evolve from Yocan is one of the OGs in the vaping industry. Its little “big” brother the Evolve Plus took the game even further, and established Yocan and the Evolve line as the standard in the concentrate vaping game. The Evolve Plus continues to be a number one seller, long after it’s release. Yocan has helped stoke our VAS (Vaporizer Acquisition Syndrome) by releasing some limited and special editions along the way. Of all the recommendations I’ve made in my personal and business lives when it comes to concentrate pens, the Evolve Plus is by far in the top spot. Whether it’s your first or fifth concentrate pen, it’s got something for everyone. The ground-breaking built in dab jar adds to the portability, and a bevy of coils options will satisfy every palette. Trust me, the Evolve Plus deserves another look.

The latest Plus I picked up for myself is the Lime Green Special edition. They may be calling it pastel too, either way, it’s sharp! In the box, you’ll find your standard Evolve Plus accessories. Right off the bat, you’re getting 2 of their famous Dual Quartz Coils, one of which comes pre-installed. In the vaping game, it’s always crucial to have a backup, so it’s cool that Yocan gives you that bonus coil. Micro USB charging cable, dab tool, warranty card. All standard, and all included with the kit. The Plus itself is very easy to operate. After loading the equivalent of about 2 grains of rice worth of your concentrate, replace the coil cap and the atomizer cover. Click the button 5 times to turn the unit on. Press the button while inhaling through the mouthpiece and enjoy! While there is certainly a lot of electronical stuff happening under the hood that are beyond my expertise, but the device itself couldn’t be easier to use. Swapping the coils is very easy as well. I always recommend pulsing the coil a few times with the power button to loosen up and reclaim or residue prior to removing the coil, cap, or cover. Makes it super easy. When replacing the coils, other than the famous QDC that comes standard, you’ve got a few other options as well. The ceramic donut is about as famous as the QDC at this point. Flavor chasers less concerned with clouds love the lower temp experience with the ceramic. The Quartz Elite, with it’s heavy kanthal wire, is the cloud chasing coil champion on the plus. Not for the faint of heart, the Quartz Elite packs a punch!

Since it’s inception, the Evolve line has continue to due just that; Evolve. The Plus came along early in the evolutionary line, and its influence, and genes can be seen in every device after. The Plus may have been the perfect concentrate pen, a code cracked early in the game, setting the tone and trajectory for what’s to come, while maintaining relevancy the entire trip!


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