The Yocan Flick Wax and Thick Oil Mod

The Yocan Flick Wax and Thick Oil Mod

Thick Oil cartridges have become extremely popular in recent years. As more and more laws have changed, their popularity will only grow. Whether you are buying pre-filled carts, or filling your own, cartridges are extremely easy to use. As far as smell and visible vapor, they are also very discreet. Most, if not all, cartridges use standard 510 threading. On the hardware side of the vaping industry, 510 batteries intended to be used specifically with thick oil cartridges are obviously flooding the market as well. You will see standard slim batteries, generally the same thickness as a cartridge and usually double the length. These pens serve their purpose well as a basic cartridge device, but there are many options for cartridge box mods as well. A box mod, in this case, is a cartridge device that isn’t shaped like a pen or a traditional battery, and the cart is generally housed within the mod itself. The Yocan Flick is one of those devices, and it’s every bit as cool as it is functional.

There are many benefits of using a cartidge mod rather than a standard cartridge battery. With the Yocan Flick, you get a boost in battery life over a standard battery, and your cartridge is protected within the mod. The “flip top cigarette lighter” design protects the entire cartridge when you have the lid closed. Considering these cartridges are generally filled with relatively expensive medicine, this extra protection is great. There is nothing worse than dropping your cart battery and breaking the cart. The Flick has an extremely durable build quality and should protect your cart in case of a drop or an accident. The Flick comes with 2 magnetic adapters, allowing you to simply screw the adapter onto your cartridge and just “drop” the cart into the Flick. The magnetic adapter is meant to make a secure connection with the battery, making swapping out carts fast and easy.

If you’re someone who likes to use thick oils and concentrates, the versatility of the Flick will impress you. In the box, you’ll receive an empty thick oil cart with a magnetic adapter, but you’ll also receive an extra cartidge that also has a magnetic adapter. This extra is specifically made for concentrates. While it looks somewhat like a standard thick oil cart, minus the clear tube, unscrewing it will reveal an exposed quartz rod coil, allowing you to load and use any of your favorite full melt concentrates in the Flick with an easy swap.

The Yocan Flick is a great device, whether you’re new to the cart game or a seasoned vet. If you’re looking for an upgrade over your standard pen battery, consider the Yocan Flick. The versatility, build quality, cart protection, and better battery life combined with Yocan’s famous 90-day warranty make this one a no brainer!


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