The Airistech Quaser

The Airistech Quaser

     Airistech is back with another addition to their Quartz Authority line, the Quaser. A very compact, traditional looking concentrate device, the Quaser has a few tricks up it’s sleeve! The Quaser is a compact device in form, but large in function. The Quaser packs a variable voltage battery with a pre-heat mode, so don’t let its size fool you; the Quaser rips!

     The Quaser packaging is sharp and simple, with the instructions for the device written on the back of the box. The instructions are short and sweet and should be somewhat familiar if you’ve used a concentrate or cartridge battery before. 5 rapid clicks of the button to turn the device on/off, 3 rapid clicks to cycle between voltages. The LED light behind the button will change colors to indicate selected voltage; green for 3.4 volts, blue for 3.7 volts, and red for 4.2 volts. Clicking the button twice will start the pre-heat function, giving you ten seconds of lowered voltage firing to warm up your coils or cartridge, and can also be stopped prior to the ten seconds being up with a single click. The standard 510 connection on the device allows the battery to double as a cartridge battery. I used the pre-heat function for both the included atomizer and with a cartridge, and it functioned perfectly. I wouldn't, however, use the battery above the "green" level when using a cartridge. 3.4 volts, in my opinion, is plenty for a cartridge, and I even found myself putting the battery in pre-heat mode and taking a few draws on the cartidge during the -preheat. This gave me a sufficient hit, and I would often stop the pre-heat before it stopped itself. 

     In the box, you’ll get the battery, atomizer, and a quality micro-USB charging cable. The ubiquitous concentrate tool that you normally find with these kinds of devices is absent at first glance. The Quaser features a unique built-in concentrate tool in the mouthpiece, so no extra accessories needed here. I say unique, because although built-in concentrate tools are nothing new, I like that the Quaser features a removable built-in concentrate tool. I kept the tool in place while putting the device through its paces, and saw no reason to remove it, however. The option is nice to have, either way. The “barebones” nature of the kit allows us to keep the price very low. As of this writing, Vape Pen Sales offers the Quaser for $18.99, which in my opinion, is a steal!

     The Quartz Authority line from Airistech is relatively new, with their Headbanger being the star of the show. The Quaser allows you to try out the new Quartz Authority coils at a very favorable price-point. The quartz coils themselves are somewhat hard to describe. Performance wise, they offer the flavor and low-temp concentrate experience that you’d get from a Yocan Ceramic Donut coil or similar device. If you’ve used both a ceramic coil and a quartz coil in the past, you know what I mean when I say flavor and low temp. Many folks, myself included, prefer the ceramic coil experience overall. If you’re one of those folks, give the Quaser a look. The porous quartz material allows you to vaporize most of your material without direct coil contact, giving you a hybrid quartz-ceramic hit, with a big emphasis on flavor. At $18.99 (as of this writing) the Quaser will make an excellent first device, or a formidable backup for the seasoned concentrate veteran!


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Ulises - December 12, 2019

I just bought one, and can’t get it to work.
Keeps on flashing on any color light either red or green or blue.
I dont understand how can I use it.
Am I doing something wrong o not doing something that is need to be done?

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