The Airis 8 by Airistech

The Airis 8 by Airistech

      With the concentrates market exploding so rapidly the last decade, naturally the concentrate vaporizer market will grow right along with it. The latest craze in the concentrate market is the Touch Coil. If you’ve seen a nectar collector before, you’ll know what I mean when I say portable electronic nectar collector. Like a traditional nectar collector, Touch Coil devices have a Touch Coil or Dip Tip that heats up electronically rather than with a torch, and you “touch” or “dip” the coil directly into your concentrate container while inhaling from the other end of the device. This eliminates the sticky fingers and concentrate tools and other minor inconveniences that come with traditional concentrate coils and vaporizers. The Airis 8 by Airistech is a budget-friendly Touch Coil device that is extremely capable, giving you the options of a Touch Coil AND a traditional concentrate dual quartz rod coil. Coming in under $30 at VPS, the Airis 8 puts the newest craze in concentrates within every budget!

     In the box, you’ll see some familiar faces. A Micro USB charging cable, concentrate tool, 3 pipe cleaners, user manual, and an extra coil all make appearances. The extra coil that comes in the box is the traditional dual quartz rod coil I mentioned above. I love that you have the option to use a Touch Coil or a traditional Load-As-You-Go quartz coil right out of the box. To me, that makes this a great first device, a first Touch Coil device, or an extremely versatile back-up device for the seasoned vaping vet.

     The battery unit itself uses a single button to operate and features variable voltage. 5 rapid clicks will turn the device on/off, and 3 rapid clicks will let you cycle through the 3 temp settings. When changing the voltage on the battery, the LED light behind the button will also change color. Green means you are operating at 3.4v, blue at 3.7v, and red at 4.2v. With the touch coil, I found myself using the blue and red settings more, whereas I stayed on green while using the tradition Quartz Rod coil. I recommend playing around with the settings a little and finding a range that suits your needs. Some folks want big hits, while others or more concerned about preserving flavor. The Airis 8 shouldn’t have any issues pleasing both crowds.

     As concentrates continue to become increasingly available, Touch Coil devices are going to become more commonplace. The ease of use, easy clean-up, and ability to control exactly how much material you consume should place devices like the Airis 8 on everyone’s vaping wish list!


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