The Dazzvape Melter

The Dazzvape Melter

                The Dazzvape Melter is a gorgeous new concentrate vaporizer, made with high end materials and packed with features. The Melter takes on the concentrate vaporizer market with a kit featuring high end triple titanium coils, a 1400 mAh battery, and magnetic fittings. If Dazzvape is a name you aren’t familiar with, that will likely change soon. Dazzvape released several sought-after products in 2018, and it’s looking like 2019 could be their year!

                There aren’t any surprises in the box, you’ll find all the usual suspects here. A Micro USB charging cable, concentrate tool, and user manual are all here. The pen itself is very simple to use, with the common 5 rapid clicks to turn on/off battery setup, meaning you aren’t gonna need/get a long manual. It’s short and sweet and covers everything you need!

                The Melter is a traditional load-as-you-go concentrate pen, where your material is loaded directly onto a coil or ceramic disk. The Melter comes standard with a Triple Quartz Titanium Coil, with a ceramic donut coil available for a separate purchase. Quartz has certainly become an industry standard the past few years, but Titanium coil options are often available, let alone as the standard configuration. The Triple Ti coils performed flawlessly, delivering big vapor and flavor with properly sized loads. The rule of thumb I always use for loading a quartz rod coil is to match the amount of concentrate you are loading to the size of the quartz rods you are loading. In this case, you’ve got 3 quartz rods each roughly the size of a grain of rice, so I have been loading a piece of concentrate approximately the same size as 3 grains of rice. This could still be considered on the heavy side, but I have been seeing good result with the Melter. If you’re more into flavor and a lower temp concentrate experience, the optional ceramic donut coil might be your best bet. I tend to prefer the ceramic experience, but with the Melter I found myself using the Triple Ti coil, more. Loaded properly, with a charged battery, the Melter might be the ultimate hybrid for flavor AND cloud chasers.

                Keep an eye on Dazzvape, they continue to put out great products. They’ve got the wax and cartridge market in their sights, try out the Melter and I promise you’ll be impressed!


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