The One by Yocan

The One by Yocan

                We have been talking a lot lately about electronic nectar collectors and the emerging Touch Coil Market. The One by Yocan belongs in the same discussion but is a completely different kind of device. The One looks to fully merge the electronic and analog concentrate, offering a water-cooled traditional concentrate pen experience AND a torch powered tradition nectar collector experience in one unit!

                In the box, you’ll see all the same accessories you get with the standard Yocan Evolve line. Charging cable, Pick Tool, 2 Dual Quartz Coils, and a warranty card. Where this kit differs from the standard Evolve Kit is the inclusion of the nectar collector parts. A standard nectar collector generally includes a bubbler with some sort of nail attachment, either titanium, ceramic, or quartz. The nail is heated with a torch, and then you simply touch the hot tip directly to your concentrates while inhaling through the bubbler. The One gives you the option to use the bubbler with the battery and standard Evolve coils, as well. Whether you want a traditional nectar collector experience or a traditional dab pen experience, you are covered!

                I wouldn’t call The One a portable dab pen. The bubbler limits the portability, but as a stay-at-home piece, it has a spot in any collection. The dual function is somewhat of a novelty, though both functions “function” very well. I used The One more as a nectar collector, mainly because I no longer had an actual nectar collector laying around, and I have many other electronic dab pens or kits. The titanium nail seems of decent quality, though I can’t say for certain without seeing any test results. For the seasoned concentrate vet, this would make a good backup, and for a newbie in the game, this would give you a great glimpse into the endless possibilities concentrates bring. Check Out The One by Yocan today!


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