The Airistech Herbva Pro

The Airistech Herbva Pro

There are a lot of budget-friendly dry herb vaporizers on the market today. As with anything else, there are good and bad devices. The Herbva Pro is one of the good devices. The Herbva line from Airistech looks to give you a full featured dry herb vaporizer at a good price, with performance that will leave you thinking you spent way more!

                In the box, you’ll see a lot of the usual suspects we talk about. Micro USB cable, cleaning brush, loading tool, and a carrying bag all make appearances. The manual stood out to me, for the amount of info that it provided and how well done it is. If you’ve bought any vaporizers, you’ll learn pretty quickly that you never take a well-done manual for granted! That being said, the Herbva Pro is very easy to operate, whether this is your fifth or first dry herb device. There is a clear OLED screen with 2 buttons built in to the screen and a power button. The Herbva Pro has a temperature range of 300-435 degrees F and can switch to Celsius mode as well.

The Herbva Pro features an isolated airpath, ceramic heating chamber/oven, and Micro USB charging, all must-have features in an electronic dry herb vaporizer. The Pro is also a bottom-oven device, meaning there is a longer distance between the oven and your mouth. This will help cool the vapor when you are using the device, resulting in a smooth, less-harsh vapor experience.

The Herbva Line from Airistech features a number of dry herb devices, ranging from around $40 to just under $100. The Pro, being the flagship of the line, manages to pack the most features into its tiny frame. The portable vaporizer market has seen an explosion the past 5 years, and it looks like it will continue for the time being. There are several states that have legalized dry herb, but still consider combustion illegal. They require dry herb to vaporized, if used. I’m not generally a fan of that kind of oversight, but if it means an end to prohibition, it’s a concession I’m willing to make. Airistech has been around for a while now, and you’ll want to consider the Herbva line whether it’s by choice or to stay complaint with new laws!


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