The Yocan Hive 2.0

The Yocan Hive 2.0

With cartridges getting so much more popular the past couple years, you can almost say the original Hive from Yocan was ahead of its time. An OG of the cartidge game, you can see bits and pieces of the Hive in most of the cart mods after it. It’s younger brother, the Hive 2.0, keeps a similar sleek, aluminum profile, while also adding a variable voltage feature.

                In the box, you won’t see many surprises. A Micro USB charging cable, loading tool, manual, an empty thick oil cart with a magnetic adapter, a wax cart, and an extra magnetic adapter. If this is your first cart mod, the magnetic adapter will be new to you. With a standard cart or cartridge pen-style battery, you generally screw the cartidge into or onto the 510 or EGO connection on the battery itself. Because cart mods generally house and protect the cart within the mod, screwing the carts on and off would be an issue. To fix this, they made the connections compatible with the magnetic adapters included in the box. You only need to screw the adapter onto one of the included carts, or a cart of your own, and “drop” it into the cart slot on the mod. The magnet with provide a secure connection to the battery and will also help to hold the cart in place. With the Hive 2.0, you’ll get 2 magnetic adapters right off the bat, which is great. The included concentrate cart, for use with waxes and other full melt concentrates, is also a great addition. It is essentially a single quartz rod coil, shaped to perfectly fit in a cartidge mod. It’s a nice touch, especially if you’re trying to conserve pocket space!

                The Hive 2.0 adds a variable voltage feature, allowing you to dial in your preferred vaping experience. To cycle through the 3 setting, you simply click the firing button 3 times rapidly. The LEDs above the button will change to indicate the chosen voltage. 1 light means low or 3.4 volts, 2 lights is medium or 3.8v, and 3 lights is the highest setting or 4.2v. I have found that most thick oil carts perform well on the lowest setting, but I prefer to use the medium and high settings for the concentrate cart.

The original Hive was and is a fantastic device, and they took everything they learned and put it into the Hive 2.0! With a ton of color options, including the brand new limited editions, the Hive 2.0 is a great device for someone new to the cart game or an experienced pro!

 Check out our Unboxing/Rundown of the Hive 2.0 here!

Get the Hive 2.0 here!

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Lee Bilgerjr - January 12, 2021

I have a few yocan such as the magneto,the evolve XL and the Hive now for the Hive I need oil carts can I order them like I do the wax carts get 5 for $19:99 please let me know thank you very much

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