The Airistech Herbva 5G

The Airistech Herbva 5G

The Herbva line from Airistech offers a line of true vaporizers for under $100. We looked at the Herbva Pro previously, and the 5G could be considered “little brother” to the Pro. The 5G is even smaller than the already tiny Pro and offers a true vaporization experience for under $50!

In the box, you’ll find the usual dry herb vaporizer accessories. A cleaning brush, loading tool, manual and Micro USB are all here. The 5G also offers 2 different mouthpiece options, which is a nice addition at this price-point. There is a flat mouthpiece and a glass mouthpiece, so you’ll have a couple options right out of the box. The manual provides all the necessary info, which isn’t much as the 5G is very easy to use.

Five clicks will turn the device on/off. The device will start at the lowest temp setting by default, which is 390 degrees F. It heats up very quickly, under 60 seconds, but I like to let it sit for an additional 30-60 seconds for the oven to reach the same temp as the heating element. The 5G has 3 different temp settings, adding 405 and 420 at the medium and high levels, allowing you to extract the full spectrum of benefits from your medicine. Changing the temperature is as easy as clicking the power button once when the device is on. The LED light will change to indicate the temp selected, green for low, blue for medium, and white for high.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a true vaporization device, meaning there will be no combustion. You’ll never have to worry about smoke, with the Herbva line you are only getting that sweet, tasty vapor. If you’ve never experienced a true vapor device, the 5G is a terrific starter kit. Even if you’re a season vet, and you’re looking for a small, capable back-up, the 5G is a viable option as well. Check it out today, see why more and more people are throwing away their lighters and switching to vapor!!!



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