The Yocan Loaded

The Yocan Loaded

I think it’s safe, at this point in time, to call Yocan one of the OGs of the concentrate vaping game. The Evolve, Evolve Plus, Magneto, and Evolve Plus XL have all become imitated-mainstays in the industry. The newest addition to Yocan’s strong concentrate pen line-up is the Loaded, and the evolution continues! The Loaded gives you that familiar Yocan concentrate experience, but with a couple of new and welcomes twists.

In the box, you’ve got the standard Yocan accessories. A loading tool, high quality Micro USB charging cable, warranty card, and user manual are all here. The Loaded itself comes with a Quad Quartz Coil (installed) and a Dual Quartz Coil. Yocan always like to throw an extra coil in their kits when possible, but they are usually the same coil that comes installed. I like that the Loaded comes with a Quad Quartz and a Dual Quartz option. I personally prefer the Dual Quartz, and it was great that I had the option right away and didn’t have to make an additional purchase to try out the other coil.

The Loaded itself makes a few big changes, the biggest being its namesake. Loading the device is quite a bit different than the Evolve line, and quite a bit better. Rather than removing the atomizer cover and then unscrewing the coil cap, you simply flip open the loading door. The coil is located on the inside of this door, and opening it gives you easy access for loading and cleaning. Changing the coils has gotten easier, as well. The coils have a magnetic 510 connection and popping them out to change them or clean the chamber is a breeze. For a brand new, unused device, the threading of past devices was not a huge deal. Where it got to be a pain is when it got used, and that sticky reclaim from your favorite concentrates made screwing and unscrewing things a little harder. Without regular cleaning, some of the old devices would need to be run for a few seconds to heat up any reclaim to allow coils and coil caps to unscrew. I’ll be honest, this became a more noticeable hassle after using the Loaded. It’s so smooth and easy to use the drawbacks of the older devices stood out more. This is a good thing! The newest evolution in a line of products is supposed to improve upon older designs. In this case, Yocan hit a home run.

It’s hard to describe exactly how easy it is to use The Loaded in writing. I always want you to watch the accompanying video, but in this case it’s a must! The retractable mouthpiece and magnetic dab container will make more sense on film as well. Either way, The Loaded is a winner. Yocan hasn’t slowed down and been content with their market share. They’re looking to innovate and improve, and The Loaded is proof!


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