AVS Molecule 15mm RDA Wax Atomizer

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Advanced Vape Supply has been known for providing superior quality vape supplies to the vaping community for the last few years.  Not content just providing advanced pre-made coils, they introduced the Molecule.  The Molecule wax atomizer features a unique crushed clapton quad core coil.  These coils have been taking the vaping world by storm.  The Molecule is built without the use of any glue or solder.  Only the best materials are used in construction:  Premium 18k Gold Plating, 304 Stainless Steel, 316L Stainless Steel, Fluorocarbon O-Rings.  This is not your average atomizer.  It is an advanced user device and requires knowledge about its use.  If you have the patience, and take the time to learn its operation, you will be rewarded with what many think is the best wax atomizer on the market today! 

WARNING:  This is an advanced user device.  By purchasing, you agree to our terms and conditions and release Dakota Import, LLC from all legal liability or responsibility related to the use of this product.  If you are not familiar with RDA style coils, you should thoroughly read up on these prior to your purchase.  This atomizer uses quartz bowls which are easily breakable if mishandled.  We strongly recommend that you read up on this atomizer prior to purchase.  

Check out THIS PAGE for tips and tricks and first time use setup from the creator of the Molecule!

Discreet Design
Crushed Clapton Style Coils
Quartz Bucket

In The Box
1 15mm Molecule RDA
2 Quartz Bowls
4 Flattened Quad-Core Fused Coils
1 SS Dab Tool and Screwdriver
4 Gold Plated 384SS M2 X 2 mm Screws
4 FKM O-Rings
1 AVS Molecule Sticker

Replacement Coils, Quartz Bowls, and Vortex AFC Mouthpieces are available.

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