AVS Vortex AFC and 510 Drip Tip for the Molecule RDA Wax Atomizer

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The Vortex AFC a new mouthpiece for the AVS Molecule RDA Wax Atomizer.  The Vortex AFC directs the air and vapor to create a vortex into the quartz bowl and all the way back out of the drip tip. The vapor will spin right into your mouth. There is a short metal straw to block direct heat contact with the drip tip as well!

This new piece also functions as spit back protection in case of overload or overheating of the oil. The top piece is 316L SS and the vortex piece is a custom molded part, also made from 316L SS. It is then pressed into place by machine, using pressure to secure it. No glues or solders are used, same as with the Molecule.

In The Box
1 Advanced Vape Supply Vortex AFC and 510 Drip Tip for the AVS Molecule RDA

Replacement Coils and Quartz Bowls are also available.  

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