Lookah Snail Wax Kit Replacement Coils and Mouthpiece

by Lookah
$ 24.99
Replacement coils for the Lookah Snail Wax Kit concentrate vaporizer. Available in 4 styles. Each pack contains 4 coils and 1 replacement mouthpiece.

Coil Pack A - 1 Mouthpiece and 4 Type A Column Coils
Coil Pack B - 1 Mouthpiece and 4 Type B Dual Quartz Rod Coils
Coil Pack C - 1 Mouthpiece and 4 Type C Tunnel Coils
Coil Pack D - 1 Mouthpiece and 4 Type D Flat Coils
Coil Pack M - 1 Mouthpiece and 1 of Each Type of Coil

In Box:
4 Lookah Snail Coils
1 Lookah Snail Mouthpiece

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