Mj Arsenal Claude Mini Dab Rig

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$ 58.00

The Claude is named after a Roman dude that improved the aqueduct systems. That's pretty cool and all but Rome fell and this little dab rig isn't about to go anywhere. The recycling action of this mini-rig is intense even for a small dab rig. It spins up top and down in the bottom chamber to really smooth out those long tasty hits.

The function of mini rigs is to mess with a dab as little as possible while preserving maximum potency and flavor. The small body and low water line mean that you'll taste your dabs immediately and completely when you hit an MJ Arsenal piece.

Height: 4 in

Base width: 2.5 in

10mm quartz banger included

Glass mini rig

Unrivaled percolation action

Designed for minimal filtration and maximum flavor

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