MJ Arsenal Royale Mini Dab Rig

$ 58.00


The Royale Mini Rig stands out above the competition with solid build quality, and while small, packs a surprising punch in all the right ways.

Inspired by the iconic “fab-egg”, its shape is unique yet recognizable. Featuring the robust ability of a percolator with a little bit of MJ ingenuity added to the mix, this smoking apparatus is sure to impress even the most discerning of users.

Staying true to form, combined internal chambers make up the percolator, leveraging tiny connection holes between the lower and upper chambers, resulting in a smooth and forceful melding together of hot, impure vapor with cool, naturally filtering water. Domed walls force the water yet again back down for a round of double-filtration, resulting in an incredibly smooth and refreshing pull every single time.

So why give the Royale Mini Rig a shot? Because you can enjoy the same benefits of a full-size rig, jam-packed into a small yet performance packed miniature version that utilizes LESS air, resulting in MORE flavor.

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Dimensions: 4.75in x 3in x 2.25in 

Included with your Royale Mini Dab Rig:

(1) Royale Mini Dab Rig™ by MJA

(1) Standard 10mm quartz bucket


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