Saionara Wax Atomizer Replacement Coils

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Replacement coils for the Saionara Sub-Ohm Wax Atomizer by Crossing.  These coils will also fit the new Top Airflow Sai.  Check out these powerful sub-ohm wax vaping coils in 17 amazing styles:

1)  Heavy Gauge 0.25ohm Kanthal Wire Quartz Rod Coil
2)  Clapton Coil 0.65ohm Kanthal Wire Quartz Rod Coil
3)  Nickel 0.35ohm Wire Quartz Rod Coil
4)  Miracle Type A Coil
5)  Stainless Steel Wire Quartz Rod Coil
6)  Heavy Gauge Kanthal Wire Black Ceramic Rod Coil
7)  Titanium Wire Quartz Rod Coil
8)  Miracle Type B Coil
9)  Titanium Wire Dual Quartz Rod Coil
10) Stainless Steel Wire Black Ceramic Rod Coil
11) Titanium Wire Triple Quartz Rod Coil
12) Ceramic Donut Coil
13) Crushed Clapton Coil
14) Twisted Kanthal with 4mm Quartz Rod
15) Stainless Steel with 4mm Quartz Rod
16) Twisted Kanthal with 4mm Black Ceramic Rod
17) Stainless Steel with 4mm Black Ceramic Rod
18)  Triple Titanium Black Ceramic Rod

1 Saionara Replacement Coil

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