Xvape Vista Mini 2 Portable Electronic Dab Rig

$ 149.99

The Xvape Vista Mini 2 is a thorough reimagining and cutting edge update to the original Vista Mini.  There are some visual similarities, but they are only skin deep.  Every part of the device has been improved on from the previous version.  The Vista Mini 2 features 4 different LED color indicated heating levels that illuminate the water bubbler area.  The White light indicates the lowest setting at 536°F, the Green light is set for 608°F, the Blue light indicates 662°F, and the Red light is a whopping 752°F.  

You will notice the new glass discovery carb cap that allows total visibility of the coil area.  The mouthpiece has been reworked and now features an ergo-blaze flare to improve your experience.  The glass is hand blown borosilicate for added durability.  The unit is still as easy as ever to clean so maintenance isn't a hassle.  The unit still features wireless charging and haptic feedback to let you know when it is ready to go.  

Given all the new and improved features of the Vista Mini 2 and Xvape's legendary build quality, we can easily add this to our list of staff favorites!  At less than half the price of a Puffco Peak, 35% less than the Focus V Carta, and over 20% less than The Core from Crossing, the Vista Mini 2 should be a top contender for anyone looking for a portable electronic dab rig!

Replacement Coils, Bubblers, Carb Caps, and Mouthpieces are available separately.

Wireless Charging
Haptic Feedback
Temperature Control
Impact Resistant and Smell Proof Carrying Case

Battery Charge Type:  Wireless Charging, USB Charging
Battery Charge Usage:  ~20-30 Uses Per Charge Depending on Temp Level
Temp Settings:  White ~536°F, Green ~608°F, Blue ~662°F, Red ~752°F
Heat Up Time:  ~10 Seconds

In The Box
1 Xvape Vista Mini 2
2 Xvape Vista Mini 2 Coils
1 Impact Resistant Carrying Case
1 Micro USB Charging Cable
1 Plastic Buckle
1 Xvape Wax Tool
1 Instruction Manual
Replacement Silicone Rings
Alcohol Swabs
Cotton Tipped Cleaners

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Vista mini

Not bad I’m still a bigger fan of lookah seahorse pro !!! U don’t waste a drop

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