Xvape Xmax V-One+ (Plus) Ceramic Wax Vape Pen Kit

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The Xmax V-One+ (Plus) Ceramic Wax Vape Pen Kit from Xvape improves on the acclaimed V-One Wax Pen by adding a wax container to the base of the battery. The V-One+ uses the same coils, tops, etc at the standard V-One, but adds the ability to carry a handy wax supply right in the base. Expect excellent airflow and superior hits with the V-One design.

The XVape V-One+ Plus wax vape pen is one of the best wax vape pens. It has a ceramic heating system, a powerful 1500amh battery, and is easy to use.

The XMax V-One Plus+ wax pen is an improved version of the original XMax V-One vape pen that adds a hidden wax container to the battery base.The XMax V-One Plus wax pen has a ceramic donut coil structure and can produce up to 20W of power.  The XMax V-One Plus battery has a capacity of 1500mAh.

'Dab Jar' built into base of battery
Excellent Airflow
Ceramic Donut Coil Included
Dual and Single Quartz Rod Coils Available (sold separate) 

Battery Capacity: 1500mah
Battery Output: 20W
Chamber: Ceramic Disk
Coil Resistance: 0.8ohms
Thread: 510
Atomizer Resistance: 0.8ohms

In Box:
1 Wax Atomizer
1 Battery with 'Dab Jar' Base 
1 Packing Tool
1 USB Cable
1 Manual

Replacement Glass, Replacement Coils, Replacement Batteries, and Stainless Steel Mouthpieces are available.

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I have had mine now for almost a year, heavily used BTW, and never had an issue that wasn't self made.. "breaking glass sounds" LOVE IT!!!!! Want a new fun color!!!

Hey Ramon, try this!

Ramon I have a couple donut type ceramic coils in other brands of atomizers and they act just as you describe. I went back to duel or triple wrapped quartz rod type coils and built a GREAT mod from parts I bought right here @ VPS! I took a Cerberus atomizer and put it on a Yocan Evolve battery. It is a fantastic unit, discrete, easy to load and clean, and not messy even with a large volume of you favorite solid vaping product. Best part is the atomizer comes with 3 triple quartz coils and they work great on any mod. You can buy all the parts right here at VPS.

Worst pen ever

This is by far the worst pen I've ever gotten honestly. I probably had around 8 different pens and this one is by far the worst the whole coil and cap set up is all wrong. When u put stuff on it the press the button and inhale all the stuff pools around the outer ring on the coil then it gets on the cap and it's just terrible DO NO BUY

Clean runs .

Tried them all and have stayed for a while on the v1 / xvape line .... This product makes YOUR product last ... Clean burning as it doesn't get to hot. Yet the battery lasts long . Makes for great flavor on properly purged product. Proper charge required . And remember, glass breaks .

Light smoke and happy trails .

Neal in South alta

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